Ufford PUNCH April 2018

Page 1, Ufford PUNCH, April 2018 Steam, electric, diesel... So many choices to get around in, work with and have fun using FOR LARGER PRINT SEE PUNCH ON-LINE My first car - or how to make friends with the garage page 04 Ufford’s very own racing driver page 05 ..and those garages you need to keep in with page 07 Electric cars; a safer, cleaner future? page 11 Keep Ufford development free!! page 13 Meet Max Chowdhury page 17 White Lion Car Rally back again page 19 See the Ufford PUNCH in colour online at www.uffordpunch.org.uk Ufford PUNCH April 2018 Issue 255 Transport Issue Photograph courtesy of Nigel Rolph