Ufford PUNCH March 2019

Page 26, Ufford PUNCH, March 2019 Good for another hundred years? Above: the hall during rigorous snowproofing tests. Left: the refurbished ventila- tor. Right: New roof supports Jeremy Eyres reports on the second phase of refurbishing St Mary’s Parish Hall Evidence of the roof strengthening can be see inside the Hall, where 7 steel ties form the horizontals of a set of steel ‘A’ frames installed alongside the original timbers. For those with an eye to detail the original roof ventilator has been refurbished and retained. A pointed wooden finial decorating the apex of this had rotted away, and a new one has been turned and put in place. This and other features of the project have been designed to respect the building’s heritage and its position in the heart of the Conservation Area. St Mary’s Parish Hall, known to many simply as the Church Hall, holds fond memories for many in the village. Following the recent work it is fit for the future and for many more years of service to our church and community. If you are interested in using the Hall for your event, please go to http:// uffordchurch.org.uk/page15.html o r see ‘St Mary’s Parish Hall’ in the voluntary groups directory in the Punch. The new extension to the Hall, with extensive kitchen and two accessible toilets, has been in use for some time and is proving popular with village groups, classes and private parties. Shortly before Christmas the work to refurbish the original building was very largely completed. This has involved strengthening the original structure thought to date from 1919, thoroughly insulating the walls and roof and re-cladding the entire structure. Users are already reporting that the building is much warmer, and this should come with reduced energy consumption too.